16 July 2010

Angela Doesn't Have it all Together

Angela 1: Starting Over is classed by default as a work of teen fiction or young adult fiction (YA fiction) because the main character and her friends are of high school age. Some may think of it as Christian fiction because of certain underlying themes and symbolism. But I hope the book transcends all these narrow categories so it can offer something to everyone who likes to read a good work of literature. My readers will determine whether I have been successful.

I really need to explain that Angela is not perfect (no one is) and that she doesn't "have it all together." Sure, she's mature beyond her years. Maturity has a whole lot to do with personality, upbringing, and what you do with what life throws at you. Some people never grow up. As adults they are still insecure, self centered, and inconsiderate. Some people gain a great deal of maturity very young. Most of us are somewhere in between.

Angela avoids a lot of trouble because she does not want to be controlled, whether by drugs, by responsibilities of relationship that even adults have difficulty with, by authority figures, or by peers. This independence of thought and action leads to a great deal of other kinds of trouble, though. If you challenge entrenched interests by calling on them to act with integrity, all the power they have will come crashing down on you. Angela naively thinks that the world is straightforward and simple. As teenagers we often think we have the world figured out. Her growth will come as she discovers how complex (and at times evil) the world can be. This discovery will shake her to the bottom of her flip-flops.

All this will come out over the three books. I hope you really enjoy them and I welcome your comments.

See the cover and read the blurb at www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/Angela1.html

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