20 July 2010

A note on Harry Potter

There has been some talk on the blogs about the Harry Potter series from people who honestly want some input. The themes of these books is love, loyalty to friends, and standing up against evil to do what is right, even if it will cost your life. How could anyone object to that?

Some people are confused about the wizarding world Harry belongs to. Here's my take: In these books, where so many wizards and witches gather, technology cannot function. This was a stroke of genius on the part of JK Rowling. The result is that all the characters are free to be human. What is about to sink us as humanity is runaway technology which exists, not to make our life better, but to make money for investors. Joy in life comes from relationships, not things, and sacrifice when unavoidable.

The Lord of the Rings also deals with these themes. Both books are wonderful reads for any reader willing to tackle them. The movies of both are for people who can stomach some strong scenes, that is, not for everyone.

Whether teen fiction, young adult, or Christian fiction, these are great books. When I decided to write my Angela series, I opted for something much smaller and brighter, to be different and not try to compete.

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  1. Hi David,
    How's the book doing? Sounds interesting. I have a "young adult/adult" book out at the moment too called American Midnight.

    What do you teach in college?

  2. I teach Spanish, including Writing and Translation. The book needs more exposure and a higher profile, but little by little, people are hearing about it. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I'm confused as to your statement about Twilight and it's genre of fanfiction on my blog. I'm unsure what you seek, or what answers you need, or rather even what questions need answering. All I see are comments about how it has no merit and isn't worth your time, yet you haven't read any of the actual Twilight books, nor any of the associated fanfictions that are in existance. Do you need guidance in choosing one to begin reading?

  4. All I mean is that if the Twilight books have any merit, I will be glad to hear about it.