30 August 2010

Why I'm Writing YA Fiction

My Angela series is considered Young Adult fiction because the main character is 15 in the first book, which revolves a lot, though not entirely, around her life at school. In the past I have published highly literary short stories in Spanish (Angela is in English), so why would I plunge into YA now?

The truth is that the story came to me with Angela Fournier as the main character, all three books of it, all at once, as I have described on other posts. Writers must write what we are given. The series will be fast-moving, tension filled, but given relief by an unusually mature and caring central character. This is reality, too. Literature should have space for everything.

The theme of my Angela series is responsible citizenship and what it can cost us. My next project may not have a teenage central character, but in both Angela and my next project, I hope to write something of interest to all adults, young, old, and in between.


  1. Thank you! I think many middle schoolers will really like the book.

  2. Would you like to do an interview on the series? My blog covers Young Adult fiction and the authors who write it. If you're interested, drop me a line:
    Cinette Santangelo
    Musings of a Writer-in-progress http://cinettesmusings.com

  3. I most certainly would love to. I'll follow up in an email. Thanks!

  4. Hola, Señor Bedford! Thanks visiting my blog. Much success with your Angela series. Oh, and K.I.T. Infinite bliss to you!