03 December 2010

Misconceptions about JK Rowling

I read a comment on some blog that said that "JK Rowling is bad at sex." As proof the commenter cited that none of the characters in the Harry Potter series is divorced and that they all wind up with who they wanted. Well, now, that is a classic example of confused thinking.

To begin with, it is my understanding that Rowling is divorced and (I believe happily) remarried. She's been there, so why is she writing about faithful characters? She has the right to take the characters where she wants. If fidelity marks her characters, then she certainly has something to say that's all the more important and that deserves listening to.

Furthermore, none of the above is sex. Wonderful as it is, it is only a small part of a mature and loving relationship. Sex, like money and science, is a highly powerful force. Like them, it is destructive if not handled with maturity and an ethic. Rowling puts it in its rightful place, while recognizing its importance. Enough said about that.

Most of American young people have grown up in divorced, separated, remarried, and/or dysfunctional families. Is that good for us? No, not at all. I think most of the young people would like to marry one person and stay with him or her. Rowling is just saying it's possible, but not easy.

One more thing. I think people assume that everyone should marry his or her soul mate. That does happen from time to time. More often, we don't connect with our soul mate because we never met him or her or because the soul mate is the wrong age altogether. Marrying your soulmate can't be your expectation. But developing a lasting love-based relationship is within reach, with help of Him who made us. Usually real love costs.

Some books show life as it too often is. Others show life as it is sometimes and would be better if it were the norm. Give Rowling a break! She's done a wonderful job.

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  1. Here, here! I am so fortunate to have come from a home where no one in my family, or extended family, has experienced the pain of divorce. My father is one of seven and all his siblings are still with their original partner. This is a result of hard work, compassion for one another, empathy, support, the ability to communicate and listen well to one another.

  2. That's wonderful. My parents are also still alive, married for 65 years. It can be done, with compassion, love, work, and faith.

  3. My parents divorced when I was 3 months old. It formed my thoughts on a lot of things and I knew before I finished elementary school that I wouldn't have kids before I got married and that I wouldn't get divorced. I'm glad that there are books that show building stable relationships/familes is possible. We need something to take away from the Hollywood images we're bombarded with.

  4. Thank you so much for your thoughts! There is no doubt that many families have great problems, some of them horrendous. That makes me sad. Literature, movies, and television seem to think that only the worst about us is believable. Well, they're wrong about that. Coherent people with an ethic and purpose in life are real, too.