26 January 2011

Books I read in 2010

Well, folks, I have again been derelict in my duty to my followers. It has been for a good cause, though. My in-laws came from Buenos Aires for an extended visit (it's summer down there), the first time they had been able to come in many years. We wound up tearing up the linoleum floor in the kitchen to put in tile.

Now that I have a breather, I will interrupt my ramblings about the passing of the modern age for something light. These are the books I read in 2010 (those that I remember, that is), in no particular order:

The Hobbit - Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings - Tolkien
All seven Harry Potter books - Rowling
Jurassic Park - Crichton
Three Cups of Tea - Mortenson
The Nine Taylors - Sayers
Gaudy Night - Sayers
Strong Poison - Sayers
The Collected Stories - Sayers
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club - Sayers
The Gospel According to Mark - Anonymous
A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bryson
Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Nietzsche
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - Joyce
Passionate Minds - Bodanis
The Street Lawyer - Grisham
Les misérables - Hugo (the whoooooole thing, in French)
Jane Eyre - Brontë
The Picture of Doryan Grey - Wilde
All four books of the Merlin series by Mary Stewart

I did not list the books as I read them, so I'm probably overlooking some. As you can see, I re-read old favorites and new books all the time. I had never read Les misérables before. It's a huge work and worth the discipline and persistence to finish it, but it's certainly not what most people want to read nowdays.

I will return to the matter of the end of the modern age in my next post.

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