31 May 2011

Angela is now an e-book!

I am delighted to announce that Angela 1: Starting Over is now available for Kindle and Nook. Finally the book can be purchased at a reasonable price. As a hard cover, the price was way too high for my primary readership of young people. The e-book price is considerably less than half that of the hard cover.

If it is not already, the book will also be available from all electronic reader outlets for whatever reader device you have.

Could I ask you to do three things for me? (1) Spread the word to others who have e-readers and may like the book, (2) download a free sample and encourage everyone to do so, and (3) post a nice review. All of this will draw attention and get the book higher on Amazon's list, then the sooner I can come out with Angela 2: The Guardian of the Bay.

Pass the word on and thank you so much! :)

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