20 June 2011

A Girl for the Age of Electronics

In previous blogs I have commented on the end of the modern age, brought about by the explosion of mechanical, electrical, and digital technology beginning in the early 19th century. The telegraph was electrical and digital: the message was transmitted by means of two and only two signals, long and short. Computer technology in the 20th century merely simplified the concept and uses presence or not of electrical signal, the famous 0's and 1's to do its work.

The important thing is that this revolution in technology made the modern world view no longer adequate to explain the world we live in. Somehow we need to understand this inescapable global village which, thanks to the electrical wiring of the earth, gives us the illusion that we are aware of all that happens in real time, because electricity travels at the speed of light.

Angela Fournier, the main character in my current series, stands outside the flow of this electronic substitute for reality. She intuits, but doesn't fully understand, that the media create a "reality" rather than reflect it. That's why she seldom watches TV but instead is always in relationship with the people who are physically present. No communication at distance through electrical means can substitute for that.

Angela's way of doing things allows her to feel rested, to enjoy real relationships, and to begin to develop a reasoned, ethical approach to life, based on values and people. This is one way to get a handle on life, to live free rather than to be lived by the media, while still being in touch with the times. There are bound to be others, as well.

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