18 August 2011

"Modernist" Stream of Consciousness

In previous posts I have discussed stream of consciousness briefly. Anyone can tell that I am not too crazy about it, but I must make it clear that I do not object to James Joyce, Virginia Wolf, William Faulkner, and others making use of the technique just as the modern project came apart after World War I. It expressed a moment in history when the perspective of the individual (created in the Renaissance and characterizing the entire modern period, 1450-1920) had become a liability to society. They had an important point to make through it, one we needed to hear but never understood too well.

The great modernist writers used that extreme "world from where I see it" perspective to good effect. What I object to is for writers to continue using it now, nearly 100 years later, and the abuse of present-tense narration. As Marshall McLuhan has clearly shown, since wireless communication was invented 150 years ago, the world has reverted to a holistic perspective, what he called the "Global Village."

We need a less personal and more tribal, encompassing, even global point of view in our fiction. We need to begin enriching our language again, instead of reducing and empoverishing it.

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