24 October 2011

Case in Point

I just received a note from a reader of Angela 1: Starting Over. She said that "Angela is delightful" and that the book is "rich in story." We long for story and the time has come to reclaim plot and story for literature. Angela Fournier is also a life model that many readers can draw from to their benefit. This sort of character has been banned from literature for far too long. We need them now because, if we do not begin to grow and construct, the forces of destruction and entropy will pull us down.

Saturday 29 October is the Dallas Internationl Book Fair at the Dallas Central Library on Young Street in front of City Hall. It's free and there will be a lot going on, including numerous authors. I will be there as well and I would love to see you there. Drop by if you can!

Get Angela 1 as an e-book at your favorite provider or in hard cover from www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/Angela1.html

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