30 October 2012

As I was saying about global warming

This week two huge storms hit the Western Hemisphere's two signature cities, New York and Buenos Aires, with unprecedented deluges. New York, Atlantic City and nearby cities were by far hit worse, the Frankenstorm being, by all accounts, unprecedented in the history of the city and of a nature never before seen (a post-tropical cyclone encountering a polar mass). I don't have to go into details, as they are all over the news. My thoughts go with all the hapless people who have been displaced, who have lost their houses, who have lost a loved one, who face months of recovery efforts.

Buenos Aires was hit with a lesser storm two days before. The winds, flooding, and damage were nonetheless without precedent. In the last decade or so, for the first time, tornadoes have formed in varioius part of the country. Argentina never before had tornadoes. That part of the globe having much more water than land, the temperature differentials necessary for creating twisters were absent.

Global warming has already changed that. Scientists have said all along that warmer air holds more water, and that the warming trends would bring massive rain and snow events on a scale we could not imagine. They are not surprised by what is happening, only that it is happening much sooner than they expected. Our future is very grim and I fear for the world my granddaughters will have to live in. Can't  we decide now to stop whatever we are doing to contribute to global warming?

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