11 November 2012

Fallout from the Election

Here are my thoughts on the results of last Tuesday's national election.

The interests of big money were resoundingly defeated. The president was elected and seats were picked up in both houses of Congress by the Democrats. The Democrats won almost every swing state. This happened in the face of unprecedented amounts of money and an unethical campaign of lies and misrepresentations against them. For now, elections still cannot be bought when there are such major issues at stake.

Exit polls showed that the majority (that is, those who voted Democrat) wanted primarily to keep the Affordable Care Act and many of them wish us to go further in reforming health care. Apparently we feel that the health care system, left to its own devices, is about to fail us if we do not do something about it.

We cannot go back to the 50's. The Republicans seemed to paint a nostalgic picture of a bygone America, in tune with older white people and various religious groups who had a hold on the culture back then. This election showed that those are shrinking populations and that we are heading quickly to being a minority-majority country, as Texas already is.

The Republicans are heading for a split. The "Tea Party" is completely instransigent in its positions because they are ideologically driven. If they take over the party, it will most certainly lose miserably. Other Republicans have the option of seeing their party go down or to split off. It doesn't bode well for them. The country needs to keep two strong parties. Now all this is part of a historical pattern. Jefferson's party, then called the Republican party, came to be known later as the Democractic Republicans and then the Democratic Party, the one we know today. It has always been a party with a broader umbrella and a sense of what it can do to make this a great country. It was the principal mover for the creation of the two most important institutions that created our prosperity: free highways paid through taxes and free universal education. We are at present in a long trend which, if not stopped, will end in losing both. The Federalists in the late 18th century represented the interests of the aristocrats. When it folded, it was replaced by the Whigs. When they in turn folded, their interests were taken up by the Republican party, which is really the not-so-Grand (any more) New Party.

I do not believe that parties, politics, or politicians will save us. However, it is incumbent on all of us to choose and this time, one side was clearly better than the other.

A word to the Evangelical Christians. I am one of you. If you want the church to grow, as I do, and for it to influence society to the good, as I do, then preach the Gospel. We cannot and should not force people to our way of thinking through the government. That, my friends, would be big government indeed and would only repeat what Emperor Constantine did.

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