15 April 2014

Dellani Oakes' Review of Angela 2

Allow me to indulge today and share with you the review that Dellani Oakes wrote on Angela 2: The Guardian of the Bay.

Angela Fournier is back and better than ever. She and her friends are starting the eleventh grade. On the first day, they meet two new girls, Sonja and Michaela. The group of friends immediately adopts these new girls, delighting in their company.
The year starts out well, despite the annoying, snotty KittyKats, a group of girls who tend to bully and intimidate others. At least, it's going well until Angela and her friends find out that a development group wants to put in an oil pipeline and build a refinery in a wildlife refuge on the beach.
Feeling this would be a terrible mistake, Angela and friends band together to keep the refinery away from their beach and bay.
Although this book is intended for young adults, it's wonderful for older readers. I greatly enjoyed it. The character of Angela is beautifully developed. She is intelligent and caring, though still prone to doubt when the KittyKats sow their discord. Angela is well spoken and strongly believes in the preservation of the bay. She and her friends take their conviction public, gently protesting the refinery. To say that they meed adversity would be an understatement.
One thing I enjoyed about this book, there isn't a single villain at work, there are several. It's full of manipulations, machinations of big business and bullying on different levels. Angela stands up to it all, supported by her friends and family. Support comes from a very unexpected source as well—her Spanish teacher. Mrs. SepĂșlvida is a wonderful character and I hope she will return, in a bigger way, in the next book. I also liked the TV reporter who interviews Angela—and the cameraman. Can't forget him.
Angela and he friends stand up for what they believe, face adversity, band together and don't stoop to the dirty tactics of their opposition. They show young people (and older ones) that conviction and commitment to a cause are important. It also shows that, despite everything, nice guys don't always finish last.

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Dellani Oakes is a radio host who interviews new authors and reviews our work.

The Angela trilogy is about the importance of being and ethical and responsible citizen and what it can cost.

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